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I could have went to jail...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

This post is bound to make someone feel I am a racist redneck, I am not, and if an African-American was writing about a white child it would be deemed justified because of all they went through. My thought on that angle is basically, it's bullshit. Yes there were slaves, yes it was wrong, and I am all for reparations. They should begin when any person living today comes to a designated meeting place and shows the scars on their backs where slaveowners beat them. If that is proven, I will gladly hand over all of the money I received because of their efforts. The whole reason I am writing that part is I want to tell you about an incident at the waterpark yesterday. And I am in no way implying that my skin color had any effect on this incident. However, I did see the individual I will tell you about walk past a group of African Americans and say "hi, how are you?" No such thing was asked of myself, even though we stood next to each other for a bit and had eye contact several times. So, it is only an assumption on my part that this girl was possible raised to have no respect for adults, mainly white adults. On with the story, Nicklaus was standing in line for one of the attractions as the waterpark. Where he was waiting, a pool adjoined the area and a rope was in place to separate swimmers and climbers, (this is the activity he was waiting to do," anyway, there were 2 lines and standing beside Noni and I in the pool was a teenage girl who appeared to be about 14-15 years old. Nicklaus was still in line and on the next line one of this girl friend's was getting ready to cross. Now keep in mind, waterpark or not, the noise level was not high at all. So, while the one girl is going across, the girl next to us starts some kind of tribal chant, beat and all. "C'mon gurl..you can do it, c'mon g'yurl you can do it, you can fall, you can fall...yeah, uh huh, uh huh, do it girl, do it girl, do it girl..." Well, this went on for about 5 minutes, non stop until the girl completed her mission. Then another friend was up. OMG...this girl preceded to do the whole thing all over again. Keep in mind we were blessed to hear this chant about 10 minutes if not longer. It grated on one's nerves much like those women in Pakistan that do that tongue clicking thing while screeching. Finally, one little boy, he looked to be about 4-5 years old that was in line looked at ther and said ,"My God...could you please just shut up?" Perhaps that was not the proper way to handle it, but no one around seemed to mind. Well, that was when the head bobbing began honey. "Who you talkin'to, I ain't yo mamma, you may talk to yo mamma that way, but you ain't gonna damn talk to me that way, you need to go tell yo mamma to shutup..." ON and on and on...and let me point out that this girl kept looking at me when she said this, this showed me 2 things, 1) she thought I was his mother and she didn't care one bit and 2) even if I was not the mother she had no respect for herself, children or adults because her next and loudest statement to the little boy was , "yeah...you need to shut your f**king mouth up you little white ass cracker." Oh boy, I could feel my blood pressure rising, I looked at this obnoxious little shit and said, "Look, that kid is not my son, the one behind him is, so don't think I am just upset because I think you are messing with my son, why would you even say something like that to a child? Is something wrong with you? How would you feel if he dropped the "N" word on you? Oh that would be godawful then, however you can insult him by referencing his skin color? Honey, you are gonna find out soon enough that the race immunity card you feel you carry has expired. I hear one more word outta your mouth like that and as much as I'd love to stomp the crap out of you, I don't feel like going to jail and terrorizing my kids, so I'll resort to going straight up there to the lifeguard and get your loud obnoxious butt thrown out of here so fast your big head will spin." She just stared at me for a second and said something under her breath. I did the standard "Excuse me? You have something to add to that?" Her reply, she got out of the pool and we did not see her again. I did kind of expect the African American Mommy Mafia to hunt me down, but I never even saw anyone she could have actually belonged to. Lack of parental supervision does this world so much good.