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Things I don't understand...

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I am sure this list could be much, much longer than what I end up publishing. A lot of things baffle the hell out of me, but I'll name just a few.

  1. Why is it terrible to waste your mind only if you are black?
  2. Why is it that you smell something horrible and immediately turn to another person and say, "this smells like shit, here smell it" and the other person does.
  3. How come America accommodates everyone's desire to speak in their native tongue? If I moved to Mexico I had damn well learn some Spanish.
  4. People who profess to be Pro-Life yet will shoot an abortion doctor in a minute.
  5. Those idiots you see on TV reality shows about law enforcement who run from the cops. They never win, and where in the hell did they get the idea a 1972 Pinto can outrun and outmaneuver a cop car, helicopter and motorcycle?
  6. People who are raising their daughters to just say no to sex, and saying nothing to their sons. The daughters may not have to say no so much if the boys were taught not to ask. There are exceptions to every rule, and I know that teenagers are still going to have sex. But dammit...teach your daughter abstinence and then give your son a condom for his wallet? WTF???
  7. Why policeman always have to hold their big flashlight on their shoulder right beside their cheek. Why not just point it where you need it and go from there?
  8. People who actually sign release waivers to appear on COPS.
  9. Why A/S/L is the most asked question on the net. Why does it matter? I'm just here to play a game, damn.
  10. Anna Nicole Smith - enough said
  11. Why when you have only 2 kids, it's great, as in "oh, how nice" but when you cross that magic line and have 3 you inspire disbelief and pity as in "OMG, you have 3 kids, poor dear, how do you do it?"
  12. Women who have children and then pay someone else to raise them 40+ hours a week. I know that sometimes women have to work and I am not pointing at them. But there are women that focus so much on their careers that the only time they notice their kids is at their high school graduation. Sacrifices can be made.
  13. Women who try to be vindictive after a breakup and refuse to let their children see their dad, even though he is a perfectly wonderful father. Spite has a way of biting you in the ass when those kids grow up.
  14. People who say they cannot find a job. Hell, it may not be a dream job, but McDonald's is always hiring...get off your lazy ass, k?
  15. Women who play the "helpless" role. Geez, give it a break...you can need your man without acting like an uneducated twit.
  16. Men who won't pay child support. You are not hurting your ex, you are hurting your kids. And if she's a bitch and never spends it on the kids? Save your cancelled checks, so when the kid(s) figure out she's a neurotic bitch (and they always do) and you have them wanting to live with you, you have full proof that at least one of her lies wasn't true. "mom, I thought you said that sorry son of a bitch never paid one thin dime to help us out, he has 7 years of cancelled checks" this statement should be followed by, "Dad, can I come stay with you awhile?"
  17. How come Miss Black America is a wonderful way to showcase the beauty of African-American females, yet Miss White America is a racist, horrible thing that is not allowed?
  18. People who excuse their sons when they act like obnoxious brats with the phrase, "Boys will be boys!"

There are tons more...but that's my rant for today.