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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Kill I Go!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Originally uploaded by mom_is_loco
The huntin' fool of the forest, (the hubby) myself and the smallest of the Nutz Family, our youngest Spawn...errrr... cherub, Nathan, stopped at a convience store this morning...this picture was taken in the parking lot, a man had just killed the poor thing. One minute this dead carcass was alive, living like Bambi, bothering no one....one second you're grazing on something and the next you've been shot, thrown on the back of a truck, tongue hangin' out and headed down the highway. To merely show you a picture of this dead deer is not sole reason for this post at all. You've seen one deer, you've seen them all. Maybe different sizes, but they don't vary that much. The reason for this post? To share with you how I came to the realization that my husband is an addict. If it has legs, he'll shoot it. He is addicted to stalking his prey and then shooting it in cold blood. Not a twinge of remorse. That deer re-awakened a newfound (which he has every year on deer season opening day) compulsion within the huzzband. Hmmm.....how do I explain the look on hubby's face? Well, all I can think of is a crack addict who's jonesin for a hit or two, and having to sit there and see someone finish off the pipe, knowing it was his turn. He was supposed to be first. The crack is used only for illustration points. The similarities to this example in real life? Why in the way that hubby started jonesin' bad....not for drugs, but for guns and deer. That's it in a nutshell. He wanted to hit that pipe, errr, he was jonesin- to get up to the huntin' club. He practically skipped to the truck to leave. He IS SUPPOSED to kill a deer this year, he (in his way of reasoning) was supposed to be first one that killed one that you actually saw!! I think he felt a tad bit jealous, but maintained a very cheerful manner. It was a opening gate at the fair If I live to be a hundred I will never figure out what is so enjoyable about getting up at the asscrack of dawn, sitting in a tree trying not to move or speak. Who willingly stays somewhere that if they hafta take the Browns to the Superbowl thy have to poop in the woods? Forgot the toilet paper? They will use leaves and such to wipe their arses. Ummm, yeah...y'all, there is no way I would survive without electricity in those woods and don't get me started on how much it would kill me to not have a phone. But the primary reason I could never go down there for an extended period? NO RUNNING WATER, NO SHOWERD PEOPLE...NO TOILETS TO FLUSH. Nope, I'm not cut out for it at all, never have been, never will be!!! I'll just stay at home with the little members of the Nutz family and slowly go insane, OOPS, I forgot that when the crazy train arrived, I was first in line when they were handing out insanity....Ehhh....no big deal, I got over it....and I got ice cream to boot.

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