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Beginning This Friday Night, I Will Be A Single Mother....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why you ask? Has his bi-polar crazy ass pushed me to my limit again? Ummm....welll....No....it's just that it is now huntin' season and we all know what that means. He'll work Monday-Friday and then take off for the woods as soon as possible. Heck, most nights he'll go into the woods here at the house and stay gone until a little after dark. If I live to be a hundred years old I will never understand sitting in a tree and either freezing or being dinner for mosquitoes all in the name of killing Bambi. I'm sure he doesn't understand half of what I enjoy, so we're even. He loves it so much I couldn't bitch and complain about it. So, there you have it... Woman marry Redneck, Redneck go Huntin', Bring Lots of Meat for Family, Woman cooks it. Woman WILL NOT eat it.

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