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Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm the only one awake in my house. I don't know why I am blessed so much this morning, but I will say this. Iraqi terrorists have nothing on me. I have managed to stealthily sneak my way around this compound for about an hour, not one kid is awake yet. I've tiptoed over toys, made a pot of coffee and managed to sign on and actually post this without one of them waking up. I know, as many of you do as well, that on misstep could make the peace in the house in this house end in a nanosecond. My kidz are like a pack of wolves, if one is on the move, they all are, ready to pounce and devour what sanity one is clinging to. So, shhhhhhhh....do NOT let them hear me typing....oh Hell....I hear them stirring...great.....so long cherished alone time, Au Revoir time for me....