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We Were On The News!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Okay, well maybe not us technically, but, our woods were. (story at end of rant/post) Some people may not think that pot is a harmful or even particularly bad substance. I really don't know where I stand on the issue. Before I had my kids I didn't have a stand....I smoked it occasionally. I really didn't like it...the sleepy way I felt and the food I had to consume due to the "munchies." Now, I don't do it. And my kids are probably why. Now, back to the story. We live on the end of a road, with only woods next to us, and there is a very high volume of cars and four-wheelers heading back there at all hours of the night. Granted, I haven't smoked, toked, snorted or whatever in many, many years, but I don't think it's changed that much. One doesn't just go into the woods and pick a leaf or bud, roll it up and smoke the doobie. Nope, there's a whole drying out process and the like. So, fat dude on four wheeler is tending to his crop every night. Okay, that's cool. What are all the cars doing at all hours of the night then? Having insomnia sucks, but it does allow one to see a lot of things most people miss. We don't smoke in our house, so I may be on the front porch at say, 2:00 am, smoking my cigarette and lo and behold, here comes a car or two into the woods. Heck, for all I know the pots just for his use, he's really dealing meth or something. I'm not trying to be a bitch about it all, I just don't want the shit around my kids. Around MY house, that we moved into to get away from drugs and such. The other neighborhood we lived in was sporting a meth lab or two. And if you watch the news, you know, at least down here, that people like "fat dude on four wheeler" get shot or worse all the time for perceived injustices perpetrated on another, like owing someone a dollar and not paying it back. ( it's called black on black crime around here) I just don't want the chance of a stray bullet hitting my kids or having to explain to my kids what that smell is and why there are vultures circling around our property. Anyway...here's the news story, I've made the part pertinent to the Nutz household larger and in bold.

Governor's Task Force Searches for Pot
Over the summer, drug agents will comb every county of Georgia looking for the state's biggest illegal crop - marijuana. From the skies they can spot plants from the largest to the smallest. Wednesday, they searched from the skies of Bryan, Liberty and Long counties.

For the rest of the year, Eric Sanders serves as a DNR game warden. But this summer, he's on loan to the Governor's Drug Task Force, traveling the state helping local agents find pot.
"Working under a helicopter that's leading me to the marijuana is a little different than me alone looking for an illegal hunter," Sanders explained.

Helicopter crews from the Georgia State Patrol, Georgia National Guard and other groups fly two, three, maybe four counties each day.
With untrained eyes, the average person might walk past the plants right next to other harmless weeds. But these pilots can spot that certain shade of green from the air.
But task force director Eddie Williams says growers still get craftier year after year. "We see a lot of it on public land or put in areas that are very rural, but you still find some people grow it on the back porch. We see a lot of it going indoors," he noted.

Storm clouds halted today's search. Tuesday, they found more than one hundred plants in Bulloch County. (yep, that would be us..lol...they were all fat dudes...)

The summer drought so far as hurt the illegal crop. However, recent rains could bring it back. Agents say if it does, they'll find the plants when growers need them most.
"Even if we don't make an arrest, I love it if we cut it down after he's worked hours and hours to grow an illegal crop," Sanders said with a laugh.
They say even if they didn't find anything today, that doesn't mean they won't be back sometime this summer.
Director Williams said the task force just assisted with a bust of marijuana growing inside 90 homes in one part of Atlanta.

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