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I am slowly losing my mind....

Friday, May 04, 2007

Or, it's already gone. Things I want to ask the creators of shows on PBS during the daytime:

Where in the hell are those kidz parents while they are traipsing through Dragonland. I mean, do they not realize they are not home anymore?

Why would you name a child "Caillou?" And why is he 4 years old and he still has no hair. His sister, is named Rosie, she's maybe 2, and she has a head full of hair.

Is it only me that realizes a small chimpanzee, that cannot speak, is wandering through New York City? When the little monkey goes to the country, why do the other kidz call him a city kid? He is not human. He is a monkey. Is it only me that realizes this?

Isn't it time to just kill the big purple dinosaur? Take him out and shoot his big purple ass. Then perhaps have a special "CSI" kidz style to see who killed the big shit.

What in the hell are TeleTubbies? How have they lasted this long and what is this thing called Tubby Custard? I think they come straight from the bowels of hell.

Why is every show interspersed with Spanish? Are we not in America? I like knowing how to say ice cream in another language as well as the next guy....but....

Does anyone even understand what I am talking about? Or have I just totally lost touch with the outside world and am now trapped in "educational" cartoon hell?