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I Am Going to Go Friggin' Nutz...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wait...I already am. Anyway....will this little behavior phase of Nathan's stop soon? Who in the hell knows. I've tried all popular and not so popular behavior modification techniques. (Yep...we spank here in the Nutz household, set the offender in the corner, hell, I had 3 corners filled yesterday) anyway. This is what I dealt with just today:

  1. Went to the pantry, saw a brown powdery substance, investigated further, it was an open package of chocolate pudding the Natester had decided to spread it from one end to the other of my clean pantry. It was the only room in the house I could actually say was organized and clean.
  2. Went to the window boxes that Noni and I planted some petite Marigolds in, chose one, and plowed right through it. Dirt on floor, plants in total disarray. Alas, the plants did not make it. I, however, am not incarcerated so Nathan did.
  3. Went to the kidz bathroom, saw a huge amount of gelatinous blue gel and white paste. Deduced from the overall fresh minty smell that it was two tubes of toothpaste.

ARGHHHHHHHHHHH.....I quit...I quit....I quit....

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