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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Well, I haven't blogged as much as I usually do. To tell the truth I haven't really felt like it. I've been to a memorial, almost made it in time. I've had drama. I've had laughs and I've had tears. That post sounded all about me....it was. Now I have another post about something else. It may piss SOME of you off, it may not. I don't care either way. We lost a great man last week. His loss will be felt for a long time. HOWEVER, can those of you who choose to act dramatically about it -PLEASE JUST STOP. For all his blog-greatness, can we all remember for just a moment that after all is said and done, Rob Smith, was a man. Yes, he was a great man, but he was still just a man, not a commodity. Step back a moment and let's remember that yes, he enjoyed being the Acidman, the mighty master of the keyboard on Gut Rumbles, but he was a man. Rob was a man who helped people, who hurt people, who loved people and who hated people. At the end of the day he was mainly proud of who he was IN REAL LIFE. Rob wasn't Acidman to those that mattered most to him. Rob was DADDY to Sam, Daddy to Quentin, Grandson of Mommie, Father In Law to Stacey, Brother of Dave, Catfish & Recondo 32's best friend, and so on. Geezus, get a grip. Remember the good times, cry that he's gone and just STOP. Do you realize that his Lil' Stormcloud as in "Yeah, that's MY Stormcloud. And I love her," is over at the infamous "Crackerbox" right now packing up her daddy's belongings with Stacey, as in "She is intelligent, a hard-worker and one of the finest people I've ever met in my life." at her side. Why all the drama? What if it were your father that was gone and after the first few days of the nice memorials all you had to read is pissin' contests as to who was a lunatic at the memorial? Who was more important to him in his life? What the hell does that matter? However, I do know this, we are not the ones he rocked to sleep, he played with in the yard, the ones he cuddled with on the couch and watched cartoons with. We are not the ones he left instructions to on how to handle things if he ever left them. Some of us had faces and names to Rob, some talked to him...some did not. Just stop and let those who loved him get a break in all of this. Imagine you are at the computer looking at posts that pertain to your father and all you see is arguing, name calling and hatred, how would you feel? Not too good I imagine, I wouldn't and those that loved him sure don't. Now, I know that somewhere Rob is laughing his ass off at all this hellraisin' being attributed to him and his memory. Don't fool yourself though, if he thought that for one moment it was hurting anyone he loved, he'd tell ya to stop pissin' in the wind, get your shit in one sock and knock this shit off. I'll never forget telling him in one of our phone conversations, "I'm gonna have to change your name in my cell phone, I have you listed as Sam's Dad." To which he laughed and replied, "Why change it darlin'? That's who I am, Sam's Dad." And he said it with pride. So let's forget for just one second our loss, and concentrate on who he WAS, and let it rest.

**The links are the words of Rob. The links are to the posts. Yep, the one about Stacey is the one that I pissed him off. We got over it, now it's time for y'all to get over it.**