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Memorial Service

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Well, I attended Acidman's Memorial Service...sort of. I arrived when the whole thing was over. So, I'll have no update on how it was. However, I did get to see and speak to Sam and she is coming over to see us before she and Stacey leave. I hope so! I love & value their friendship dearly!! I got to see Livey and sooner or later before Sunday she's supposed to come and stay here and I'll take her to the airport for her flight home. My mom fell and shattered/broke both of her elbows, so, I couldn't leave the littlest Nutz family member, Nathan with her. Nathan had to come with. Between him being amazed by the planes overhead and playing let's run around Mommy's legs a billion times, I realize it may have been the best thing I didn't take him in the service. I did not want to chase him everywhere at the after service gathering. People tend to look down on beating your child...so I knew I'd be on frustrated chica. (Note: I do not really beat my children, much. LOL) I do know this much, my baby boy loves him some Catfish. Nathan jumped right into Cat's arms and hugged him around his neck. That was before Cat gave him some candy...so, he just liked the Catster from the get-go. I hate it that I missed hearing the others say how much he touched them in his way. I also hate not being able to gather enough courage to be there and say something myself. I met the following bloggers as well:

Gennie from Dizzy Girl
(this is just truly sad...we live 3 minutes from each other, we should
have met long, long ago!) But I am glad we did, she's sweet and a very pretty gurl.

Mike from Presto Agitato (he's a total cutie!)

Zonker from Thunder & Roses (very handsome man...)

If I left anyone off, sorry...but I didn't meet a whole slew of people, due to my late Memorial Service ass.

Fly High Acidman....my prayers are with you!!