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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

1) I'll always remember how awesome it was when I got mentioned and linked to on the Acidman's Blog, Gut Rumbles. It was cause for celebration! Once my hubby came home and noticed the wonderful mood I was in. He said, "Let me guess, you got linked on Rob's site again?" The goofy grin I gave said it all.

2) I'll always remember how much fun it was meeting Rob, Sam and Stacey for drinks at a biker bar. I'll also never forget the pictures with the one I call "Biker Santa Claus" and Rob called "Troll." Just for the record, Rob did not like the biker bar.

3) I'll always remember how much he loved his Lil' Stormcloud, Sam & her significant other Stacey. The one and only time I pissed the Big Guy off, (No, not God, Rob, I've pissed God off wayyy more) was when he took a comment I made about Stacey the wrong way. Sam cleared it up though. One note of interest, Stacey is also known as , "the best thing that's ever happened to Sam."

4) I'll always remember how much he loved and missed Quinton. Rob would attend Quinton's ball games, never knowing if he'd even get to talk to him. He cheered with all of his heart for his boy.

5) I'll always remember how I called once a week just to check up on him. Although he "hated the damn telephone," we had quite a few long conversations. I learned a lot from Rob. My hubby said it best a while back, "Some people open their mouth and you know they are full of shit. When Rob starts talking you'd better kick back and listen cuz' you'll learn something." I did.

6) I'll always remember how he'd never get pissed at me for using one of my dad's sayings on him. I'd always tell him that we were praying for him," he needed the prayers, we needed the practice." He never once cussed me out, in fact, I almost always got a classic A-man chuckle and a "Thank ya darlin'" too boot.

7) I'll always remember how much I couldn't wait to move into our new house so when Sam and Stacey came down they could all come over and shoot those guns Rob didn't have and "blow shit up." Just a side note, that's another reason Rob loved the hell outta Stacey...she loves blowing shit up.

8) I'll always remember we never went and got that "Salad in a Glass" (a.k.a. Bloody Mary) he'd promised me from the Exchange Tavern. This was changed to just a salad after rehab.

9) I'll always remember how much I just wanted to scream, "No...don't tell me" when Sam called me and was crying. I knew before she spoke and I didn't want to.
10) I'll always remember what a HUGE Gawja Bulldogs fan he was. Hence the color of the banner up top. Westerns and playing music were also his passions. We all know how great of a writer he was.

11) I'll always remember before Rob went to Costa Rica for the last time, I asked him if I dropped some money off could he pick up some foreign money for Nicklaus, my 10 year old, his reply? "Hell, I've got a shitload of that here, c'mon on by and get some. I never did.

I hope that wherever you are Rob that you have sandy beaches, cool wind in your face, an unlimited supply of that fancy imported beer you loved so much and all the Costa Rican Ladies of the Evening you can shake a Roscoe at. Take care A-man...I love ya!
I'll always remember what a truly wonderful person you were. Even if you tried to be a hardass. Those who knew the "real" Acidman know he was a giving spirit that got taken one too many times.