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AcidMan 101

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I don't when my son, NIcklaus, attended the Love and Relationship Online Course offered by Acidman A.K.A. Rob of Gut Rumbles but apparently he did, and he made honor grades. How do I know this? Let me tell ya....remember the post about Nicklaus taking up for the kid that everyone picks on? Well, it seems that one facet of this picking is girls won't like the boys that are friends with John. Nicklaus, my boy, figured out that another boy, Chris, is really friends with John. However, Chris will not act like it so he may keep his girlfriend. (These kidz are 10 years old people, jeez) anyhoo, Nicklaus asked Chris, "Oh, I get it, you are really friends with John, but want to keep your girlfriend, so you won't act like it, right?" To which Chris replies, "Pretty much." And my stellar student of life and love, my firstborn replies, "I'd pick a best friend over a woman anyday....women gripe too much."