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He' Such a Manly Man...that Man I Married...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hubby is putting in extremely long hours to help get us back up on our feet and out of the red. Trying to do a nice wifely type thing, I offered to make him a hot bath and let him soak his weary body, tired, achy muscles, the whole spiel. Please keep in mind, bubble baths are considered a girly girl thing to the love of my life. In fact, he thinks just plain baths are also, most of the time. But from time to time I get him to agreee to one, I know how good it will make him feel. He balks at first and then finally agrees. I ask, "Do you want me to put some bubbles in it for you?" Of course he says, "NO!" I continue on with, "I can put some manly bubbles in it," thinking I'd get some of his guy shower gel stuff and put it in the tub. He ended our debate/conversation with the following statement: "If I fart in the bathtub, that's a manly bubble bath." All I could say, was, c'mon in unison...."oh you are soooo gonna be a blog entry..." ROFLMAO