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Christmas Eve 2005

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas Everyone!! My family gathers together on Christmas Eve to exchange presents and then on Christmas Day we all go to my mom's house, pig out on her wonderful Southern cooking and let the kidz play with their new Santa bounty. Here are a few pics of tonight's gala! I can't sleep, we came home, wrapped all of Santa's gifts ( Hubby insists they be wrapped, whatever...he does it, so go for it!!) and set them out, and now....I can't sleep!!!

This wasn't technically a Christmas Gift. Joey's partner at work gave it to us for Nathan because his daughter was getting another type of battery operated vehicle, but...Nathan doesn't care, he doesn't grasp the whole Santa thing either. When I saw him in it, a vision of the clown cars they have at the circus popped into my head.

This was a Christmas present. This kid loves his "Beep Beeps" Daddy had to pry him out of the car so we could take it home!! You can take it apart, which means it won't last long. When you take something apart, you're supposed to keep the removed items so you can reassemble the item. That does not happen in my house, so Nate-Nate better enjoy his one shot at rebuilding a plastic motor!!

Daddy really likes the girly dress up kit, especially the heels, there's a pair for everyday!!! You go boy!!! (You do know these are really Noni's, right?)

Now, is one's life really complete without a Rey Mysterio DOLL Action Figure??

And surely it is impossible to carry on without the Rey Mysterio mask, isn't it?

Oh Dear God...what were we thinking?

Noni got Cinderella!! I love it....gonna have to watch it in the living room, cause I wanna see too!!

Isn't this awesome? My sister made it (and she can make some to sell too, let me know!!) At night it lights up, it's got a solar powered bulb!! I also got an awesome Scrapbooking book, some Scrapbook software, a bath set from Noni, hot curlers from Nathan, now I can actually fix my hair instead of just wearing a ponytail!! And Nicklaus got me a brand new crockpot, to replace the one I torched last week!! I will end this post but first I want to share a few holiday pics from around the web. If these don't give you that warm, fuzzy Christmas feeling, nothing will...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA