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Oh Great....

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Kids are great. As I've mentioned before, I am the daughter of a minister. No biggie, makes me worse behaved I imagine than the average bear. My mother has always cringed when I say curse "cuss"words. If you've read my blog, you know she's probably cringed somewhere in the half a million category by now. I try to watch my mouth...really I do, around her. And before some idiot says that I am an adult it shouldn't matter, let me say, It's about RESPECT. I love my mom and hate to cause her pain....when I let a bad word fly she actually looks like she needs medical attention. It's that old Southern Lady thing I guess. Southern young ladies aren't supposed to fight either, tell that to the numerous people that got their ass beat by me when I was a teen. Anyway, I had to take all 3 of the kidz to the doctor yesterday. All three have strep throat. Oh the joy. Well, back to the point. We started talking about the children's dentist. I was telling her that there is one in Garden City, a small town near here, that I absolutely hated. Well, actually it was the hygeniest I guess. Nicklaus, my 9 year old, went there when he was around 7. His baby teeth would get loose, never enough to pull and then the permanent tooth would come in and I guess give the baby tooth leverage and the baby tooth wouldn't be loose at all anymore. So, we had to take him to the dentist and have his baby tooth pulled as they became lodged in firm again. He was 7, I know adults that are scared of dentistry. This woman talked to my son like a dog. Tried her best to intimidate him with such award winning statements as, "oh my god...c'mon kid, I've had kindegartners that didn't act like this much of a baby." I will say that yes, you could see he was scared, but he was not causing a scene and he pretty much just wanted answers to his questions. His questions were valid, "am I going to get a shot?" "Will this hurt a lot?" You get the picture. Well, I listened to this stupid bitty for as long as I could. And here is the part of the story I've been getting to. As I was telling my mom this story and saying how some people shouldn't be allowed to work with children, at least not MY children, Nicklaus piped in with, "Mom, can I tell Nanny what you said to that mean lady?" Not really remembering which smart ass phrase I came up with, and never imagining that he would remember verbatim, dumb me, that kid knows books and movies straight through with only one viewing, I foolishly replied, "Why sure honey!" As soon as he opened his mouth it all came flooding back. "Mom said I could say this Nanny, when that lady was being so mean to me, Momma said, at this point I am thinking, "Oh shit, Oh shit, I remember,", Nanny, Momma told that lady, "You better never speak to my kid like that again, you bitch." LOLOLOL...You can imagine the face my Mom made. And my brilliant reply? "Nicklaus, that wasn't what Mommy said at all, I said...(SORRY MAEVE) you witch, you heard Mommy wrong." So, mom, ya ever think this weather is gonna cool down? Smooth transition, yes? LOL