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We are one and the same.....

Monday, July 11, 2005

I surely cannot be the only person who has thought of the similarities between being a SAHM and a person that is incarcerated...am I? I think not. Let's compare them together shall we?
Inmates are constantly supervised,
I always have children underfoot, watching everything I do
Inmates are not allowed to make phone calls any old time they want
I have to wait until the kidz aren't around or I spend more time telling them to leave me alone than I do on the phone.
No preference as far as meal times
I may or may not be hungry, but will have to make something to eat within 2 minutes of hearing "Mom, I'm Hungry"
Most prison food looks like scraps, I find myself eating what's left on
the kids plates
Privacy in the bathroom is not allowed,
need I say more?
It is a stupid idea to bend over in the shower,
It is a stupid idea to bend over in the shower, DO NOT keep backbrushes
within your toddlers reach, if you do the old Hershey Highway becomes fair game.
Convicts do some really sick shit to each other-fling feces, urine, vomit,
Moms get shit on, pissed on, puked on, you name it
Many convicts are eligible for parole after 7 years
Moms are looking at 18-20 and then your kids will bring their kids over so it starts all over again.