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I have decided...

Saturday, July 09, 2005

I noticed earlier when my kids were playing with a box that had not made it to the big green garbage can yet, that this year our Christmas may be a little different. Yes, the little hellions do love their toys, but I have as yet seen the excitement and laughter accompanying anything that was purchased at Wal-Mart that a giant box can bring. Suddenly my kids have a rocket ship, a plane, a boat, a flying saucer or an underwater vehicle (sightings of Sponge Bob and Patrick included.) So, this year I am going to buy MOM something in a really big box and then find something else in a really big box. I will wrap them up and then when I unwrap them I will let the kids have at the empty box. To sweeten the deal? I am going to throw in the used tubes that the wrapping paper comes on so they can beat the hell out of one another for a while. When the ends of the tubes are too banged up to be swords, light sabers or guns? They can turn them into nun-chuks and beat the hell out each other with them. And I will be playing with my new toys, I don't know what I will buy yet, but whatever I decide to will come in big, big boxes.