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I will be back...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

And comment on the following Georgia blog thingy..overall it is correct...I'll let you know what isn't. Nanny and Poppy are gonna watch the baby so I can take my other 2 to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I've been told it was too dark and scary for kids my age to see. Bullshit, I looked it up and my kids would have Veruca, Violet and those damn squirels for a snack and then ask to see Mr. Wonka....Plus, with all of us being sick, I still am not up to par...but, I can sit in a dark theater and watch this...Johnny Depp...is yummy....and I don't have to pay...here's another Southern thingy...PIGGLY WIGGLY...yes, like in Driving Miss Daisy....I don't really shop there anymore, but, I still have my PFC and have enough for all three of us to go to the movies for free...so, I'll be back and I promise to be blogging regular again...and if this damn Harry Potter hooplah will get over then I'll have a new blog look as well...just playing Dizzy-Girl.