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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

Monday, July 18, 2005

After being forewarned that this may be a bit "dark" for my kids, I checked some online movie review sites, and decided, as stated before, that my kids could handle whatever Mr. Wonka had to throw their way. OMG...it was great! Much better to me than the original, this one is more in agreement with the book by Roald Dahl.The Oompa Loompas don't sing their traditional songs, but the new ones are great and hilarious. They perform in a Divo-Monkees-Metallica kinda way. There is only one Oompa Loompa though, he's just duplicated and triplicated etc. In a group of 50, it's all the exact same little tiny man. This movie goes above and beyond the old one. Johnny Depp is cute as usual just in a little boy kinda way. He does NOT remind one of Michael Jackson in the least. Overall, a great movie for the whole family. Both of my kids have already asked if we can buy it when it comes out on DVD. What made the whole day even more enjoyable is the fact that we went to the movies, 1 adult, 2 kids bought the huge tub of buttered popcorn, with 2 huge drinks for me and Nicklaus and a small one for Noni. Then we HAD to have chocolate, it's Wonka Land ya know? So we got the Junior Mints, Nestle's Crunch AND King Size Reese's. Cost for the day? $10. Free admissions because I used the Greenbax, special on the popcorn, coupon for free drink for Noni! And something that made the day a little funnier? In my rush to get all of us up and outta here, I did my makeup, put the hair up in my trademark ponytail, made sure everything matched, through in earrings, got halfway to the theater and looked down...I had on my extremely worn, rubber falling off Care Bear flip flops...quite a sight I was! They also had previews for a movie being made based on ONE of my all time favorites, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (The Chronicles of Narnia.) Nicklaus and I ordered the book when we got home so we can read it together before the movie comes out. I am determined my CHILDREN will be readers...not illiterates, so we read together, seperately, in a group...well...you get the picture!