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Friday, June 17, 2005

We, meaning my 2 oldest and I baked a cake last night around 10. When they get up this morning they want some for breakfast...why the hell not...so I cut them a piece and they eat. Now...my mother, Nanny, calls during all of this and can't believe I am giving them cake...hell, does it really have any more sugar that damn Pop-Tarts, waffles w/syrup or sugary cereal...so...I say...Let them eat cake!! It's a hell of a lot easier than making grits every morning..which is what they usually want...cheese grits...today..not into it..cake worked fine....My sis-in-law called around 11 last night...laughing and telling me she was gonna kill me...an article I wrote about her and her family was on the front page of the Spirit (small newspaper here) it was just an article wishing her Happy Father's Day...my brother-in-law passed away in 2002 he was in his mid-30's and now she's raising 3 boys on her own...and doing a fine job!! I'll post a picture.