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Happy 4th of July

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Well, really good friends of ours, Johnny and Mary, found out today that their son has orders to go to Iraq. Leaving on July the 4th. It's what he wants to do, has always wanted to do, but c'mon...he's just a kid. Although he did act like a man after the Marines got through with him. Mary and Johnny have 5 kids (God Bless 'em...I couldn't do it) anyway...Mikey's the next to oldest one..then there are 3 more boys and a girl....they range in age from 7-20 years old. I just pray that all will be okay and Mikey will come home safely...the fact is, he's just turned 19 and I don't care how much he grew up since he joined the Marines..he's still a kid. Granted a kid that is glad to serve in Iraq. He told his dad that prayers were welcome..just not to pray he won't have to go...pray he'll be okay while he's there. Somehow I can't help but think that this Effingham boy is going to see a whole lot more than he ever bargained for over there.