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Thursday, June 16, 2005

To the people who have written me or commented with parenting tips. My kids are fine.My children would need some sort of professional help if I stopped yelling. It's a part of their lives, then know all is well if mommy yells...my oldest child made honor roll grades all last year and Noni is 3 and can spell her name, write her name..etc...kids just drive you nuts somedays..and other days I drive them nuts..so, C'mon people..I don't need Nanny 911 or parenting tips...all of my kidz are healthy, happy and very well-adjusted. They say yes ma'am and no ma'am-I know Yankees may not understand, but it's a respect thing here in the South. My kids wouldn't know how to act if I didn't yell...in fact, it's when I'm quiet that they get worried. So, please just rest easy, my kids are not abused, not screamed at constantly...they are just fine...okay????
On to other things...the past couple of weeks have sucked. I have a family member that is addicted to prescription pain killers...the kind that have codeine. When you see someone you love going through all of this, it's hard. I've done way to much research on this, and it's nothing to play with. Typically it's sold as Tylenol 3 by prescription only. Well, the person I am writing about *(I really don't want to put a name, someone who reads this may know him.) Anyway, I read tons of information and was startled to find out that this stuff is comparable to heroin. He is now trying to get help and has to go to some clinic everyday for medication to wean him off of them. You can take these pills and take them a variety of ways...there are pages online explaining how to melt them down and extract the codeine so it can be injected, you can crush them and smoke it (this is called "chasing the dragon" and it also applies to heroin. It's some powerful shit...Psychologically and physically addicting. More potent than morphine..morphine loses 90% when it passes through the liver..Codeine? It only loses 10% of whatever makes you loopy. The long term effects are horrendous...he is already starting to have trouble with his liver, bleeding stomach, coma, death, etc.... Geez...he's 23 and looks horrible...this stuff can kill you if you keep it up. His mother went into his room and found all kinds of pill bottles, she suspected something was up (this is his second go around with them) any way..the dates on the bottles were within days of each other. His method? Go to Doctor A on Monday, claim you've hurt, sprained or twisted something...get your prescription for 30 pills, go to Doctor B on Wednesday, do the same spiel get your pills and then go to Doctor C on Friday and repeat. There were 10-11 pill bottles all from different doctors. Some in Savannah, some in Hilton Head and Beaufort. Deciding that something had to be done..he's a grown man, we can't follow him every day or whatever. SO...I began a mission...lol...first I called the doctor's he's already seen...now, the nurses and/or receptionists can't tell you if he's been there due to HIPPA restraints...BUT...they will take the name down (one woman goofed up...but I am happy she did so..she was really nice,) anyway...I would tell that this person is abusing this stuff, visiting different doctors and claiming some "injury" or another. I asked them to please take the name down...put a note in his chart and if he comes in the office again..give him a prescription for Motrin and send him on his way. I called every doctor he'd been to see...then called some more of those "emergency" type clinics and they made a note of his name, birthday..etc...Did I help his kick the habit by doing this? NOPE, but I did make it a hell of alot harder for him to get them! I hope I made it impossible..but there's always Florida Doctors.