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Ugh...there's no place like home...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

You know...Seeing that dead snake yesterday just convinced me that I have been right all along. Effingham County has more roadkill than any other place on earth. On most days we see a minimum of 5 dead creatures. There is always a dead dog or two...cats, deer, but the winner of it all is the possum. That's what they are called here in the South..not Opossum...just possum. The possum has to be one dumb creature...it just moseys out in front of your vehicle, probably humming some silly possum song...and then WHAM! Bye Bye Possum. When you pass by the scene of the umm..accident later, the vultures are already there picking it apart...Nature at it's best. It's kind of sad really, we are so used to seeing dead carcasses that we don't even really notice them anymore. Except deer, now a deer always warrants a second look, and snakes, if they are the bigger variety like I posted yesterday. Still don't know what kind of snake that is...well..before I go I'd like to share this with you:
Why did the chicken cross the road??
To prove to the possum it could be done!!