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I've always wanted to be a procrastinator, but never got around to it.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Today started off just wonderful. As mentioned before, my dryer was on the way out...Well it arrived there. Kaput, finished, over. I washed Noni and Nicklaus' tennis shoes last night and put them in the dryer...this morning they looked like they'd been worn in a coal mine and I know they weren't...coal mines bring to mind work and my kidz will run to the ends of the earth to get away from work. Sooo, here we are looking for more shoes for the kids to wear to church. It's Father's Day and we had to go to church...and nothing says "We Love Jesus more than "get your ass in the car now" and "I swear to you...if you don't sit still and let me put this on you I will knock the t-total shit outta ya." Yep, just ripe for a blessing we were upon arrival. The young man I told you about Mikey that is headed to Iraq on July 4th was there. Full fledged dress blues, gloves and all. So, he walks up...gives me this huge hug and I being the strong willed person that I am....well...I just lost it....and still am having a hard time thinking of this kid I watched grow up is now not only a US Marine, but he's going over to Iraq. He wants to go...He wants to serve his country and at 19 years old...well, that kind of commitment to anything is awesome. His job will be to go into different homes, look for those nuts that are killing everyone...just the job to make all of us happy and convinced no harm will come to him. Ya...right...those people over there don't play fair...don't fight fair and don't give a damn who they blow up usually...but I know he will come home...and we'll be waiting for him....and I know the highlight of his return will be more snot and tears on his nicely, fresh uniform. Who wouldn't love that? Hell, it's happens about 20 times a day to me.