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Friday, May 11, 2007

The other night we were sitting here and Justin (the kid we've adopted or aka my 17 year old lover according my batty sister in law) called. He and the idiot's (sister in law of parking ticket shame) son had exchanged some words, argued, via cell phone. He called Joey and was telling him about it. We thought nothing more of it. A kid's argument. No fight ensued, just two boys yelling at one another. Well, the idiot's son went home and told Mommy all about it. I had already went to sleep for the night and did not hear of this until the next day. Seems the idiot called the other sister in law (not my fave on in Ohio) the one that lives about 2.5 hours away from us. She, of course, was in a tizzy over stupid shit...again. She got the other sister to call Joey, she, the idiot could not, because she is not speaking to us. The other sister calls to find out what is going on. WHY??? It's a kid's argument...let it go. The idiot however cannot do this. Joey told the other sister that it all started with the infamous HOOTERS episode. Joey let the semi-rational sister know that I did NOT tell anything about Hooters to get anyone in trouble, we were just having a conversation and I mentioned it. I never dreamed it would start WW3. The semi-rational sister says, "I know Joey...but you know how G***** is! To her that's a strip club." At least someone else knows she's a bit off. My point is, why in the hell does it get all this started? Long distance phone calls over an argument between two kids? Just another classic example of how she gets her panties in a wad over the most stupid shit imaginable. I bet you she is still "upset" over it today. I am so sick of this family...I swear. Since day one they have made me feel like I am not "ONE" of them (thank GOD I am not) and are quite obvious in subtle and not so subtle ways. When we get invitations and such from my sis-in-law in Ohio, they always have "To Uncle Joey & Aunt Kellie and kids" or the like. Whenever we get anything from the others? Always just addressed to "Uncle Joey," I don't know, maybe they just irk the hell out of me and I take too much personally, but they've never acted like I am in "their" family and they never will. So, anything that they have coming up, a high school graduation for one, if Uncle Joey wants to hightail it to that, so be it. I will not be made to feel like I have in the past anymore. How much fun would that be? Sitting next to the idiot, who's puffed up like a bullfrog, pissed at me? NONE, so I won't go....there is a better chance of me walking to Ohio and attending the graduation of MY nephew there, the one that acknowledges I am actually a part of HIS family!! I will no longer try my best to be a part of this family, that so obviously, does NOT want me. I've done all I can....it ain't happening anymore.