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Friday, May 11, 2007

Yep..that's a pic hubby took of a chicken. Cock-a-doodle doo!! If you want to see how really country my life is...I will post about it later. However, it's day 2 of Field Day and now I am doomed to a repeat of yesterday! How much fun is that? Bet you're all jealous. It's such a great time watching a bunch of children, only one being mine, argue about who dropped a ball, who didn't run fast enough. I heard a teacher tell them to get along and love one another yesterday. Yep, in a perfect world it would be like that, however, children can be the cruelest creatures on earth. Hell, why would they wanna offer encouragement to one another when they can just slam on each other instead? There are however 2 little boys that will NOT be telling my son that he didn't do something fast enough again. No, I did not harm them....just politely told them that "Nicklaus got 2 people out in kickball, how many did you get? None? Seems like he moved faster than you then, huh?" Nicklaus got his turn riding some thing with wheels then. What, I shouldn't have said anything? Nicklaus is the type he would have sat there and just let them do whatever they want, have a thousand turns even though he really wanted his. He didn't speak up, so I, as his very protective (okay....one might say overprotective) momma did. I've never been known for my talent of remaining quiet. He did tell me that I cannot do that in middle school next year, (yeah? watch me if they don't treat you right...) Oh yeah...we have another in-law saga segment also...I'll be back.

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