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The Importance of Genes, Heredity and the Like To Me...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I've written before that I was adopted. My parents went through a lawyer for a private adoption, paid for my birth mother's doctors bills and necessary items and then picked me up from the hospital when I was only one day old. Sure, I'm curious as to who actually gave birth to me, but I'd never be overwhelmed if I met my birth family. No boo-hoos and exclamations of "I've found my family" like on those reunion talk shows. Why? Because I have a family, one I love dearly and they love me. I don't need another set of parents, another sister or nephews and nieces. I have them all and am quite satisfied. A lot of people I've known forever don't even know I'm adopted. I am like my dad in so many ways. Which leads me to the belief that shared DNA does not a family make. I may not share one drop of common blood with anyone that is in my real family, but it doesn't matter one way or the other. Shared genes is not something that must be present for a person to "fit" in with his/her relatives. Love, on the other hand, is vitally important and I received, (and still do) tons of that!!!