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I quit...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

worrying about what my house looks like...I have 3 kidz and no desire to be Martha Stewart...so it looks like hell....but we're happy.

I quit....worrying about what other people think.....I don't care...really I never have....

I quit....trying to get my kidz to get along....I guess, having no experience in this matter personally, my sister got married when I was 6...so I didn't have "sibling" rivalry,...anyway...I assume it is normal for an 11 year old and a 5 year old to hate one another?

And finally, I pose a question. Why is if someone visits my home and my husband's socks (several pairs) are left wherever he took them off, and the kidz' clothes are pretty much the same thing... these same people enter my home right after my family has eaten dinner and the mess is not yet cleaned up. The floor is kinda messed up because my family refuses to wipe their feet. Yet not ONE of my belongings is strown about, WHY is this a reflection on me? I am not a good housekeeper because I do not follow them about with hampers, vacuums, mops, dustcloths and sponges. WHY DOES THIS MAKE ME A HORRIBLE HOUSEKEEPER? Excuse me, I will stop any form of life that I do have and devote my life to cleaning. I don't care that maybe I may like to sleep occasionally, maybe get on the computer, maybe, just maybe read something once in a while. To hell with it. I will now become a 24-7 cleaning machine. That will be my life.

Nah....I'll just go to my number one choice....saying screw you to anyone that says stuff like this...and QUIT caring that they say it.