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Ya Ever Had One of Those Days??

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

When everything just turned to crap? I have them a lot....I am trying to get my house back in order, but had meetings at school, and all kinds of other crap to do. Today was the day, I have 3 kids clothes to put up....toys, books, the whole shebang...not to mention ALL of my stuff. I took everything that was mine, that means Christmas decorations, some kitchen stuff etc. EVERYTIME I tried to get started Nathan was into something else...once he opened one of those plastic tubs of peaches, there it went all over the floor, then a whole pitcher of tea, next a whole can of my diet Dr. Pepper. So, I am bone tired and haven't accomplished anything....and I babysit in Savannah tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. We could just live outta garbage bags...right?

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