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I am SOOOO glad you got your nuts clipped....

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yep, that is what I said to hubby upon return from my babysitting excursion. At first I walked in and saw this 9 month old cherub, smiling and cooing and really missed mine being so small. I hated the fact that he'd had the vasectomy, the frozen peas on the cod episode as I call it. I really hated we couldn't have another little one...my name is NUTZ ya know?? Well, the baby was adorable, but had a HUGE case of the colic and cried for 2 hours straight at one point....I could do nothing to appease it. Finally, she went to sleep and all was well. Then when she woke up, we went for a walk in downtown Savannah for a couple of hours and just had a wonderful time. When it was time to return to the hotel she began crying again for about 30 minutes and then her mommy arrived and popped the boob into her mouth and all was well in baby land. Then I got paid....get this....$108 for ONE DAY.....6 hours...can you believe that?? Anyway, Nathan accompanied me and we left. On the ride home, he fell asleep and I called hubby and thanked him for getting neutered....BWAHAHAHAHA

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