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Pay Per Post Just Keeps Getting Better and Better!! Want to Make $1,000?

Monday, February 26, 2007

Do you have a blog that has a lot of traffic? Then you may be interested in joining Pay Per Post (see my referral badge on the sidebar) if you haven't already. Why? Because honey, Pay Per Post has begun segmentation. If your Google Page Rank is 7 or 8 then you could earn $ 1,000. I'm dead serious!! There are slews of opportunities listed on Pay Per Post right now for really high pay but you have to have the stats to get them. Do I wish my Page Rank was higher than 5? You're damn skippy. But, I still can make about $300 a month if I only take the lowest paying opportunities that Pay Per Post has listed. I've hit the $150 plus mark already! And segmentation isn't only for the high traffic bloggers advantage.
With higher ranked blogs being able to take those high paying opportunities and making the bigger money, the lower ranked blogs are still able to get opportunities that pay well and at the same time it allows the lower ranked bloggers to improve their ranks. So, it's not all about high ranked blogs, but segmentation is what the advertisers wanted and they got it. The advertisers wanted specific things and it's working for everyone's advantage. Another thing to consider is the other paid blog post sites can and do charge a 100% Markup. Pay Per Post only charges 35%. These sites are taking half your money for every post! If you decide to join Pay Per Post, please note that disclosure is required, either on a per post basis, or a site-wide policy. So, if you're ready to join the blog ad network, mosey on over to my referral badge, click it, and join a very reliable, and profitable site!

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