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How Much Have I Made On Pay Per Post??

Friday, February 16, 2007

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Well, technically I have made $118.60. By technically, I mean I have posted enough to make that amount, but I've been paid $29.00 thus far. See, the way it works is you make your post, they review and approve the post, this takes anywhere from a couple of hours to a day or two. When the post is approved you will get paid via Pay Pal in 30 days. If you do it right and post your maximum number of posts a day, then 30 days from the time you sign up you will be getting money sent to you every day. You just can't beat that! If you only took two posts a day that paid $5 each (most pay more than that) then that's $300 a month!! With my $29 I paid my Internet service for the month thus far. I am going to try and save up enough money to buy a metal detector. Not a cheap-o model either! But, first I am going to do something really exciting....pay some bills...woohoo....I really want us to get a metal detector. Why? Because I am convinced that our land would have some really cool stuff to find and it would be fun to go out on the ol' seven acres with the kidz and maybe even the husband and look for stuff. I also am of the opinion that maybe, just maybe, when the hubster is in one of his "moods" that it might be something he could do until it passes. Hell, if he's out there all weekend, who cares if he's having a 'polar episode. I'll put his food on the steps for him. He won't starve to death....but if he did that is a covered condition in his insurance. (Just kidding, really) Anyway, I plan on making a lot more with Pay Per Post, I already could have, but I haven't posted as often as I could have. Don't forget, if you wanna make some extra cash yourself, then click that badge in my sidebar or you can always click the Review My Post that's included on every post!!