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Why I am Nutz...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

This is the conversation on my front porch this afternoon with Nicklaus.

Key points:

1) We watched an animal video moments before about BIG Cats,
you know, lions, cheetahs and the like.

2) My son is a dork. He gets it naturally...through heredity.

3) We live in the boonies, so no one actually saw him do this...
but, still, it's the whole principle of the thing.

Mom: Nicklaus, why are you peeing off our front porch?
We do have indoor plumbing, ya know?

Nicklaus: I'm marking my territory (giggle, giggle) Momma, we just need to wait 16 days
and see if any females come around. (giggle, giggle)

Mom: Well, you sure as heck ain't bringing any urine
sniffin' female home for me to meet.....

Nicklaus: nuttin' but giggles...