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Who's Calling Please?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I have found a site with a product I find absolutely, certifiably awesome!! Being quite the prankster, I think it would hilarious to be able to 1) have my number not show up on caller ID, 2) Disguise my voice from the intended prankee, and 3) record the mayhem that ensues. I once called my sister just to play a joke on her, I spoke with a British accent and told her that her house payment had not been received for 3 months. (Bear in mind, I knew she'd just went to the bank and paid her mortgage, on time, like she does every time...) Oh well, I thought it was funny....my sister did not.... If you have the same sense of humor....then visit SpoofCard.com. The best part?? It's all legal!! So visit SpoofCard.com and see how you can pull a better prank next time....

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