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Thursday, January 19, 2006

I was vacuuming my hall when I heard Noni screaming over the whirrrrrrr of the motor. I turned off the vacuum, saw all 3 of my children scrambling like mad banshees to get their shoes on. Even Nathan! Of course he was just copying the other two. I turn around and ask the very panicky children I created, "what is the matter with y'all? Why ya puttin' your shoes on? And in such a crazy rush?" Note: I NEVER ask just one question, I must run them all together, then look at my children wondering why they haven't answered yet, I know, they are waiting for me to shut up, so they can. Anyway, Noni looks at me all worried and says, "Momma, please let me get my slippers on before you do the living room, pleasssssssseeeeeee??" I can't let this one go, "What in the heck for, why do you need your shoes on for me to vacuum??" My oldest two HELLIONScherubs say in all seriousness, "Momma, we don't want to lose our toes!!" Seems that man I married told his offspring when I was doing a little cleaning over the holidays they had to stay on the couch while I vacuumed or else the Carpet Fresh stuff would eat their toes off....hey...works for me.