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Why would you let him do that, Mom?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Some of you may not agree with this post, and that's fine. You raise your kids, I'll raise mine. When I picked Noni up from Preschool today, I noticed one kid as he was getting into the car in front of mine. He was built like a tank, and if his mom keeps either picking stuff like this out for him or letting him pick it out, he'll need to be, there's this 4 year old, big as a 6 year old, wearing a football type jersey and carrying the Dora bookbag that I have posted. WTF?? Why would this mom let her kid carry a Dora backpack? It's pink with flowers for God sakes? If he must carry a Dora...what, you couldn't steer him to the ever so manly (NOT) Blue and Red one? I just think it's whacked, and I'm all for breaking through sexual stereotypes, gender neutral toys, etc. However, I can't help but wonder, what in the hell this mom was thinking? Just to make sure, I asked Noni, "Noni, is that a little boy getting into that car over there?" The answer? "Yes M'aam, he's in the other 4 year old class, his name is (I can't remember) You know what Mom?" "What Noni?" "He carries a pink Dora backpack." "Really? He must really like Dora huh?" To which Noni replied, "Yeah, he must, cause that's a pink bookbag and it's for girls." I just told her, "Dora belongs to everyone Noni, not just girls." "Well Mom, why didn't he get the one with the boy colors?" If a 4 year old grasps this concept, why didn't the mother? And if they didn't have that one available? What's wrong with Bob the Builder?