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Friday, August 26, 2005

Another wonderful brainy comment from a non-regular reader...thanks for visiting. Just for future reference, we call them asses in the good ole' USA....

And this is what this delightfully clever little girl had to say to me:

Fictive wrote the following: i bet your kids get their arses kicked for having such a fat mommy.
Let's see what her equally profound profile says about her and her fashion choices:

Facts : My name is Nan Toftdal Christensen. I was born in 1982 - September 2nd.I am obviously female. I am engaged to Magnus - we live together in the city Aalborg - which is located in the northern end of Denmark. I am unemployed - but looking for a job. Aside from this I am a vegetarian.

Appearance : I have blue eyes, hay-stack-coloured hair, 173 centimetres tall, normal-build and usually wearing dresses, striped stockings and shirts. My hair usually looks like it has never seen a hairbrush. Also, I have an obsession with fishnet stockings and polka dots.

Quite the little fashion statement...BWAHAHAHAHAHA
UPDATE: I received this e-mail...thought I'd post it, for what it is worth....
Dear blogger @ http://www.momisnutz.blogspot.com/ .

My name is Nan and I just went to your site. I just wanted to let you know that I never made that statement posted in your comment box.
I have expirienced before, that people was posting comments with either my name, E-mail or URL on other people's site.

I am very sorry - but some people just have too much time on their hands.

Sincerely Nan Loop @ Goblincave/looplog.