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This was just too good not to share.

Friday, August 26, 2005

I received this in my comments about the Dora bookbag. As I said, I was sure not everyone would agree with me. Case in point? Malfouka, Queen of the Dung Beetles (dung is shit for those that don't know) I sincerely hope she teaches her boys to stand up for themselves, because when they go prancing throughout their schools with all their pink, poufy finery there's bound to be an ass whipping or three waiting on them from the other boys. You have a wonderful day, Malfouka, spreading all that gender neutrality hither and yon. As stated at the very beginning, you raise your kids, I'll raise mine.

Oh boy. I'm sorry but this is stupid! So what if the kid wants
a fu@@ing pink backpack! Don't you people believe in
individuality or has breeding sucked it out of you?
I've got two boys and I'll be DAMNED if I censure
their likes and dislikes. I'll be DAMNED if I try to f
orce-feed some crazy gender-stereotype nonsense
down their throats. But by all means, keep on
perpetuating the gender crap because god(dess)
knows that children who don't fit the mold
will grow up to be complete misfits and screwups!