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Say Thank You, Feel Gratitude or Just Shut the Hell Up!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

With the terrorists bombing the public transport systems in London today, I really began thinking about our men and women in the armed forces that are putting their butts on the line everyday for us. Even the loudmouth, ignorant assholes that say they are wrong. That's right, men and women are getting killed to protect those ingrates that protest this war and say our military and President are wrong to be in Iraq, Afghanistan and every where else that they are laying it on the line for us. Why are they there? Because in a world of far too many idiots, these heroes feel a call, a purpose to protect this wonderful country we live in. Do you think the terrorist action in London was a random act? Hell no, Tony Blair, God Bless Him, was one of the first world leaders after 9/11 to stand up and declare solidarity with the US of A. So, how dare these assholes demean our military by calling the casualties of this war a needless death, a waste of human life. What should be said to the Michael Moore wannabe loudmouths? I prefer Kiss My Ass, you can choose whatever you like I suppose. How dare you voice asinine opinions about the sons, daughters, wives, husbands, moms and dads that have lost their lives protecting assholes like you. How can you sleep at night? Don't you realize that these people are someone's family? Why would you want to make those who have lost a loved one in combat or military service feel that they died in vain, died for a lost cause? What would make someone so evil? I am constantly amazed at those who put America down, countries that would rather die than express any sort of admiration for our country. Doesn't anyone realize the complete stupidity of these people? Why the hell are thousands upon thousands trying to fly, walk, run, swim, float or drive to our country? Because we live in the best damn nation available, that's why. So, instead of running your mouth about how horrible we are to be in Iraq because no Weapons of Mass Destruction were found, why not shut your mouth and open your eyes. Sadaam killed THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of people in his country, if that ain't a weapon of mass destruction then what the hell is? Basically these idiots need to say Thank you, Feel gratitude that their undeserving sorry asses are being looked out for or just shut the hell up!! If you want to let someone know that you appreciate the sacrifices that they or a loved one of theirs is making for you, then check out the following links, tell them how much you appreciate them and their willingness to fight for your country. I know this list isn't all-inclusive, but I'd like to give you a few names and faces to put to the heroes that all of us should appreciate. And if I have forgotten anyone that I should have mentioned, I apologize!

Katy's husband Clint serves this country every day. This lady has a son in Iraq. This lady also has her baby boy over there. This soldier is there right now. He hasn't posted in a while, I hope he is okay. This man will give you The Soldier's Perspective. If you want to read accurate reporting about Iraq and not what the mainstream media is reporting, we all know that they tend to show what is the worst light of our guys and girls over there, read Michael Yon's site. She is married to a soldier, and although she may be quite liberal, thank her just the same for her hubby and their sacrifice as well. You could also visit The Military Spouses Support Network to view lots of blogs by those whose other half is serving our country. The Mudville Gazette is a Military Blog Ring. I know Military Moms have a ring...I can't find it. Again, if I've forgotten anyone that I shouldn't have I apologize and THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!