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I do so like Rob, Stacy and Sam, I do, I do, Sam I am-lol

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Well, we finally made it to the Island Grill to meet up with Sam, Stacy and Rob. Of course, you know I was running late...it takes me a while to really accept the fact that I am going out WITHOUT kids...the last time that happened was a year or so ago...Having never seen this group in person, I was a little bit nervous that I wouldn't recognize them amongst the huge crowd of bikers that were present. It seems Wednesdays are "Bike Night" at the old Island Grill. My hubby even asked, "Kellie, do you have any idea who in the hell we are looking for?" To which I replied, "Umm...well...Sam is kinda short, she said Stacy has a definite look, by that I mean you know that she's a lesbian and Acidman, Rob has gray hair, a beard and is already well on his way to the land of drunkdom...so, look for a little munchkin girl, an obvious lesbian chick and an older guy I guess..." And if that sounds unflattering, it's not supposed to be. Anyhoo, we walked in looked around and hubby says, "Is that them?" Yep, it was! And I think I scared the hell outta the old Acidman at first. He shook hands with the husband and I think he was gonna shake my hand, but damn..this is the South, I'm finally meeting a man I've read the most intimate stuff about for a month or so, so handshaking wasn't the greeting of choice. What did this cool, suave chica do? Well, hell, I hugged his neck of course. He is just the cutest man you've ever laid eyes on. And maybe on his blog he comes off as cranky, but in person? He is an absolute sweetheart! Damn that woman he had for making him so jaded. Stacy is awesome as hell. In the words of my husband, "She just don't give a shit, does she? I like that girl!" And Sam was just as all kinds of cool, she is such a sweet girl, kinda quiet, but the hubby told me later, "You and Sam make quite a pair, y'all are both so quiet!" Of course after I stopped laughing he said, " Not really, I was just hoping some of her silence would rub off on you." It didn't. I would talk to a Stop Sign if I thought it would talk back. I can talk the paint off a barn. You get the idea. You know I will admit I was kind of nervous that Mr. Redneck a.k.a. the man I married, would say or do something inappropriate about being with a same-sex couple. His interaction with anyone in the gay/lesbian community pretty much consists of trying to find the remote to change the channel when Queer Eye for The Straight Guy comes on. Hell, I shouldn't have worried about him embarrassing me at all. On the drive home he was saying he wished Sam and Stacy would move here so he,Stacy & Rob could go blow up & kill stuff and Sam and I could do "girl" stuff. Shit, I guess they'd be out lessening the population or critters while us "girls" sat home and what? Painted our nails? Discussed which is better, Mini, Maxi or tampon? How to get rid of that "not so fresh feeling" while skipping through a field of daisies? Whatever....I was also pleased the Grand Poohba of Blogging, the Acidman, didn't tell the huzzband that he was drinking dogpiss instead of beer. Yep, the hubby ordered a Budweiser after having a couple of Long Island Ice Teas. I myself had a couple of Bloody Marys, Sam had one. The first one they brought me didn't have one damn piece of celery in it, I must confess, I am neurotic about the celery in my Bloody Mary. Husband even announced, just to convey fully the extent of my neurosis that, "Hell, thats all she talked about on the way here, that damn celery." Perhaps I need therapy, but if wanting celery in my cocktail is the extent of my problems? I'm doing hella good. Finally the fat ass or pregnant (we never could figure out which) bar skank that was our server brought me a few pieces on a plate. I made do with it. It was too short. But I made do. Some man that looked like the Santa Claus of the Bike Kingdom ( why yes, I did go up and tell him that and asked if I could take a picture with him...he thinks he looks like a troll...nope..it's Santee Clawz) was going around selling tickets to win something, I never did find out what exactly, but Stacy bought some. Did she win? I think Sam will better tell you about that on her blog. All 3 of my and hubby's new buddies are going up to see Catfish tomorrow to shoot guns, catch a gator and eat a Low Country Boil, they will have a blast I am sure. Rob picked up the tab, THANKS MAN!! So, my general thoughts about meeting these people? Rob is awesome, Sam is very pretty and absolutely cool in a quiet sort of way and Stacy is a trip and a half. I hope I get to see them more in the future. It was really wonderful to be able to get out of the house and have such a great time with people you've just met. In ten million years I never thought I would ever hear my husband say, "ya know, Sam and Stacy are a lot like me and you, Sam is the logical, don't make a scene kinda person and Stacy is the don't give a f*ck I'll say what I damn well please kind of person." And believe it or not, I am not one to make a scene usually, you'd never be able to tell it. One thing to note, at the end of the evening with a few too many in him, hubby saw his arch-enemy and being the redneck that he is proclaimed his ability to be the victor in a battle of strength with this individual quiet loudly, in plain terms? He wanted to whoop that guy's ass...he could do it too..but thank God the jerk was smart enough to not even look at my husband, Hey, I took the boy out of redneck country but you can never take the...well...you get the idea. Wanna know what started this intense rivalry? I kid you not...it does not get any more Jerry Springer than this folks...ready for it? A dog pen...yep, an enclosure that one keeps a canine in. But that is another story and I am tired...I will end with this...thank you Sam, Stacy and Rob for meeting with us and letting us get to know such a great group of people!! See you soon!