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Why I am glad I was the younger child...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Because, I was 6 when my sister got married...so basically I was an "only" child from then on. I am soooo sick of hearing my two oldest fight, whine and argue...I could scream..and do. Who the hell cares who answers the phone first, grabs the blue pillow or puts towels up? Apparently for them it's a life and death issue...it just gripes the hell outta me...I am so tired of yelling "ShutUp" My little girl could shatter glass when she gets agitated, it starts off loud, continues loud and ends loud. Why does it have to be so shrill?? Geez....I need some Tylenol PM...This kid is 3 and acts like a teenager already. She told me the other day, "Mom, you are driving me insane..." When I tried to follow her to make sure she did whatever the hell I had told her to do...she tells me she needs some "Alone time." And again...the caring compassionate mom that I am tells her..."there is no such thing as alone time honey..get used to it.." LOL She sounds like some wounded cat shrieking at her brothers....then tells me that they are bothering her. Noni gave herself a haircut the other day....A la Joe Dirt...it's horrendous...she used 12 inch shears for God Sakes....and her hair grows really slowwwwwwwww, so, I'm stuck with a kid that looks like a reject from the 80's in public...lol..This too shall pass....