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I guess I'll do a blog too....

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Okay...guess I'll do this.... Hi, guess I'll start posting a darn blog like every other web person. I know I'm a few beats behind the drummer, traveling at my own beat..but, hey...that's how I live my life most days...I'm a mom. A mom is the most versatile creature known to man. Moms can change mid-stride in anything they do...well, the good ones that is! And me? I'm a good mom, most days. Yep, I yell, scream, and spank, but hey...who really listens to all those god awful parenting magazines anyway? I've yet to see anything remotely useful in my day to day life. Take for instance this evening. I have Nicklaus, he's 9, going on 2 some days, Noni, who's 3 going on 18- EVERYDAY, and Nathan-he's 20 months, the baby and has not developed any annoying traits -YET. Anyway, I never realized that going to the bathroom was an active call for quality time...Nicklaus walks in, I'm on the toilet, if you must know playing chess on my cell phone...well, back to the point. Nicklaus opens the door, leans his head in and asks,"Can I have a kiss?" Me being the loving mom that I am, yell, "get the hell outta the bathroom, what are you, nuts?" Hey...it worked