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Heeeere's Kellie.........sort of

Monday, June 13, 2005

I suppose the best way to introduce myself is gradually. Each day you may learn something new, something trivial I am sure. But, just to give you a sample of who I am, I'll compile one of those stupid lists like everyone else. Mine will be 25 instead of that godawful 100 things about me crap.

1) I have 3 kids, Nicklaus, Noni and Nathan. Nathan was a total suprise and that is why my kids are named in that most annoyingly cheesy way...all the same letter. But, what could I do...have Nicklaus, Noni & Fred. I am convinced he would wonder where his N was when he got older.

2) My husband's name is Joey. He installs cabinets. Woohoo...this list is getting more exciting with each entry.

3) My dad's a preacher (and yes Preacher's kids are the worst)

4) My family and I live in Effingham County.

5) I went to college for a BA in English concentration Communications-and let me tell you, that sure does come in handy while being a stay at home mom-NOT

6) I love to write, I freelance for a local newspaper here-The Spirit of the Westside (I'll give you a sample later! oh the anticipation builds)

7) I am a Republican and a feminist...strange but true.

8) Most days I scream for a total of 3 hours combined. My kids do not , will not, and choose not to listen to me. Yes, I do believe in spanking...they are just stubborn

9) Actually all of my children are extremely intelligent, mainly in a smart ass way. I told my son Nicklaus if he didn't straighten up I was gonna kill him...then he'd have a mom on Death Row, what would you do then...his reply? "nothing, I'd be dead." (just for all of the people who consider that awful, it works for us...believe me...my kids are NOT scared of me....just the opposite-most days I am scared of them.

10) I was adopted when I was one day old. For those of you not adopted, your parents HAD to take you home from the hospital, my parents had a choice..and took me anyway!!

11) I am a complete loser when it comes to crafts. I am trying to do a scrapbook now...I have 6 pages...I've been doing it over a year.

12) Oops...I should have put this first- my name is Kellie

13) I was born 12/21. What does that mean? I was 9 until I realized Santa wrapping paper was not the standard for birthday presents!

14) I always get cheapskates who hand me one gift and say it's for my birthday and Christmas.

15) I have one sister, 12 years older. We are really getting closer now that we're both adults.

16) I am the clumsiest person on the face of the earth. I could trip over a line in a parking lot. I fell down my front steps and broke my toe a month ago.

17) I love Oz and Six Feet Under (I'm grasping for anything now, aren't I?)

18) I'm a Christian-just really backsliding right about now

19) I have a big interest in Death Row and the Amish Culture (What??????? you don't see the similarities?)

20) I sell stuff on Ebay to help out the family income (so go buy already..want the link to my stuff, email me!)

21) I take way to many Tylenol PM-you try day to day with 3 kids

22) I hate the fact that my children are growing up....I want them little forever

23) I have a lot of clutter in my house...way too much

24) I love reading True Crime books

25) I am thankful as hell this is #25.

So...here is a sample of what I write...this was published a week ago:

Convicted Sex Offenders Get Free Viagra

In what can only be described as a horrible oversight, the Federal Government spent the last week or so trying to figure out a way to keep convicted sex offenders from getting their Viagra paid for by Medicaid and Medicare. After auditing reports were handed in, someone noted that between the year 2000 and March of 2005 over 198 convicted sex offenders in New York were handed prescriptions for Viagra and other impotence drugs. Not only were they handed the prescriptions, good old Uncle Sam footed the bill. Some of the benefactors of our governments’ helping hand had committed crimes against children as young as 2. It took 5 years to figure this out? In all fairness, Georgia made out light in this outrage. Fairly light, I suppose. Fourteen states were listed as handing out the drugs to sex offenders. Georgia unfortunately made the list. The states and number of offenders are as follows:New York 198;Texas, 191; New Jersey, 55; Virginia, 52; Missouri, 26; Kansas, 14; Ohio, 13; Michigan, seven; Maine, five; Georgia, three; Montana, three; Alabama, two; and North Dakota, one. The information is from the Associated Press.
How many innocent people, especially children may have been affected by this "loophole" in the 5+ years it took to catch it? Something has got to be done about all of these "loopholes" that people like this find. Granted this one is being taken care of. But, if you just stop to think for a moment, ask yourself, "Who does our system seems to look out for in most cases?" Majority of the time, it’s not the victim. I’m all for justice being served. I’m all for rehabilitative programs for those convicted of crimes, within reason. However, how much rehabilitation is possible for these scum that can look into the face of innocence and see something sexual? They see the purest form of life available, our children and twist it into something sordid and dirty. How many more children must lose their innocence, their smiles or their lives before every state in this nation says ENOUGH? Martha Stewart committed a crime according to the court which tried her. But, c’mon people, are we really any safer knowing she has a monitoring device strapped on her ankle and can’t go pick berries on her 100+ acre farm? Wouldn’t you rather have a couple of thousand monitoring devices (or ball and chains) wrapped around the ankles of criminals who have abused our system, our streets, our neighborhoods and our children? Somehow knowing Martha Stewart’s being monitored doesn’t help me sleep any easier at night. Now the people listed on sex offenders lists and having no idea where they may be? As a mom of three, that’s a blaring reason for insomnia. Knowing our tax money may have been keeping them, for lack of a better phrase, in peak operating performance? That’s a nightmare.

I accept any and all constructive criticism and offers to write!