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Monday, June 27, 2005

OMG...we had the absolute best time on our mini-vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains!! It would take a month in each of the 3 towns that are closest to the mountains to do everything you want to...maybe more. We didn't get to do the activities we'd planned on for the last day...more on that later!! We went to Ripley's Aquarium, I'll post a few pictures, it was awesome!! You walk through a huge tunnel that is see through...which means you're walking and sharks are swimming right over your head! The kids, well Nicklaus and his daddy, got to touch a stingray and a horshoe crab, Noni was not interested in that activity at all! We also rode America's Largest Tramway up the mountain, highest point reached while on that godforsaken bucket of death? 2,675 feet. I was the one that was dying to do it...then spent the whole 5-10 minute ride praying that we'd get off alive...it was great but I was scared to death one of those tiny cables would break and we'd end up road...errr...mountain kill. We went to the Nascar Cafe for dinner. The next day we visited the most awesome attraction, Forbidden Caverns, I've never seen anything like that before in my life! And now for the shitty part...hubby and I just took debit/credit card from our bank...it stopped working Sunday morning...thank God we'd pulled some money out of the ATM the day before, not enough though. Some kind of computer glitch that is still not fixed. My niece, the BANK MANAGER, got declined with hers as well.....However she was a) able to use another credit card and b) not 7.5 hours away in a State where we knew no one...all worked out well though...we had to cut some activities out...and I hated doing that to the kids, but we had no other choice....God knows when we'll ever have enough money to go an a vacation, but we are going to try!! All my profits on Ebay are going to be just for another trip to the Smokies, we're seriously considering moving up there, it is so beautiful and just packed with activities for the whole family!!