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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

No cheerful post here, I am not a cheerful lass at this point. As mentioned before, a member of my family, my nephew, he's 24 is addicted to codeine. This is some serious shit, the effects of addiction are horrifying. Just click and read if you would like. He's always been my favorite nephew, we've always been close, but not anymore. He's lost his job, a great one, and is spending his time going from doctor to doctor getting prescriptions for this shit. Since he's lost his job, it's been a short time, so he still has insurance to do this. Anyway, his insurance is gone, he looks like an f'ing survivor of a concentration camp and he is slowly dying. He is skin and bones and with no insurance, expensive treatment is not an option. My brother calls tonight and wants to see what I can find to help him out, aren't there any free or sliding scale places? They cannot put another mortgage on the house, it's been done before for my nephew. So, I found the one place that can help, Georgia Regional Hospital . The catch? You have to go to the emergency room, let them see the addicted person and then a paddywagon from the Savannah Police Department takes you to the hospital. That's it, from that moment on you belong to the hospital for as long as a doctor sees fit, no contact with the outside world until they deem it okay. I know that is the best thing for him probably, but it's a bitter pill to swallow (no pun intended.) If it saves his life then so be it, he is a walking skeleton, what do you do when you see someone you love killing theirselves, slowly, day by day ceasing to exist a little bit more. If he gets no help, then one day he will just be gone, he'll finally achieve death, which has been sitting on his shoulder for months now. And another horrible thing is,_HE DOESN'T WANT TO DIE!! But he is, day by day, pill by pill. This is the same kid that had to come on my first date with me, he was 3....I gave him $35 dollars toward the purchase of some insanely overpriced Nikes when he was in 8th grade, my sister gave him $80, but ya know what?? Aunt Kellie bought those shoes...not his mom, or that's what he told everyone. :-) We shared such a special bond, and now some damn insidious bottle of shit has taken all that, and him, away. I know he has a certain responsibility in all of this, but it's really makes me feel terrible to be so pissed off at him and then see him like he is, a walking corpse.