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People are strange.....then they get stranger......

Monday, June 27, 2005

TheNamesPatches [1:45 AM]: oh
TheNamesPatches [1:45 AM]: i see
TheNamesPatches [1:45 AM]: well since you now know who i am, perhaps you would take a less defencive stance
TheNamesPatches [1:45 AM]: becaues i am feeling a little bit threttened by you
Writing4areason [1:46 AM]: and so with that brief interlude, I really don't think I have any reason to talk with you....you are not a very stable nor nice person...and if you are threatened by me...a person on an IM...then you may need a bit more help than I can give....
TheNamesPatches [1:46 AM]: well alright then, sorry to have wasted your time
Writing4areason [1:47 AM]: buh...bye

this little bit of oddness was from someone who IM'd me and wanted to know who I was....I told them that 1) that was rude, to just ask someone who they are and 2) I don't just give out my name to strangers on an IM...the reply was "you see my name so you know who I am" I told them that they also saw my name so they knew who I was...and the above is the rest of this very thought provoking exchange...is there a dumb ass curse that some people just get blessed with??