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What To Do??

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I wanted to find a unique way to let a very, very dear friend of mine know we were wishing her a , "Happy Birthday."

She's more than a friend actually, she has become a part of my family....the kidz consider her their aunt from "the place that snows."

She calls to congratulate good report cards and happy birthdays, she calls to check on us if we haven't talked to her in a while, heck, she does more than pretty much any of my kidz aunts, with the exception of one.

She is ALWAYS there for me, in fact, when something good or bad happens, after calling my mom, I have to pick up the phone and call her either to share good news with her, cry on her shoulder if needed, or to ask for advice. She's there for me anytime, day or night, ( however, I would not attempt any rational conversation in the morning with her, without coffeee....hmmmm....let me write that part again.)

She is ALWAYS there for me - Anytime early afternoon or night....LOL

She is such a strong, giving and generous person, it's impossible for you to not love her once you meet her!! (Unless you have mental issues)

I, and my family, are very blessed to have her as one of our own....

Who am I talking about??

That crazy lady over at Northwoods Woman....Queen Livey herself.

I love you, Livey, the kidz love you and we hope to see you soon!!!

(pretty unique way to send you a birthday greeting, eh, Livey?)

To anyone else reading this....ya'll surf on over and tell LINDER to have a great birthday and let her know....that Nutty Momma sent ya!!!

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