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You Got to Stand for Something, Or You'll Fall for Anything

Sunday, August 21, 2005

It doesn't matter what you believe in, ya gotta hand it to my kid..he's pretty cool. He stuck up for what he believed in. Hmmm...could Mommy be rubbing off on one young son ? My family, and I mean my mom & dad, grandparents, etc. all of us, say the "blessing" or grace before eating, at the kindergarten level in Nicklaus' school they have a moment of silence, Nick-Nick usually said his then, from what I gather from Nicklaus, his class this year, does not have a moment of silence or whatever, so no grace, right? WAIT!! Let me tell you what my boy does. I didn't know. He just tells me this story on Friday. Friday at lunch the class got their lunch trays, (he only eats on days he likes what they have,so I pack a lunch) we'll feed you, K? Nicklaus said that a boy he knows from his kindergarten class, but doesn't have in his class this year, looks over at Nicklaus, curls his lip up and asks, "were you praying???" The little chap is thoroughly confused now, how dare one pray in school at the lunch table. My son replies, "You mean you just noticed, I've been doing it kindergarten. Yeah...duh..." Alot of adults don't stand up for their beliefs....but my boy did...and I'm very proud of him!!