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Just Shut the Hell up....

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Yes, I am a smoker, I like to smoke, and if you have issues with that, you're entitled to them. However, you are not entitled to offer comments that relate to my smoking. It's my choice, it's my body. If you think I smell like smoke and your delicate nose is irritated, move the hell away from me. If you want to memorize and quote medical information, go to Medical School. If you want to be pushy and take my cigarettes, either pack or individual, be prepared to have the shit knocked out of you. I would never blow smoke in someone's face or directly at them for grins and chuckles. My husband and I don't smoke in the house or the cars, and we sit in the Non-Smoking sections(which is really the only section now, smoking is banned in public venues) when we eat out. Why? Because I am aware of the risks, and I love my kids way too much to let them breathe in my husband's or my second-hand smoke. I also like my littlest to smell like Johnson's Baby Powder not Newport Menthol. Now, if you are one of those stop smoking Nazis, please keep this to yourself. If you want to sit around and inform us deluded, (we're not deluded, we know they are bad, and majority of us think the families of people that die of lung cancer suing tobacco companies is stupid shit) anyhow, if you want to talk about cancer and smoking or whatever, please head to your nearest American Heart Association or cancer group whatever. And you hear talk of making tobacco illegal, BULLSHIT, do you have any idea how much money is made and paid to our gov't by big tobacco companies? Look it up. And smokers like myself pay really high tax on cigs. As a smoker, I am vilified, relegated to standing outside in snow, rain, heat whatever to get my fix of nicotine. I want to share one more thing in this post as well. What in the hell is wrong with people's logic today? NEWS FLASH-cigarettes are not the only reason people get sick, die whatever. Does anyone else have this happen to them:

I have a summer cold.
My whole family has a summer cold.
I smoke
My husband smokes
My niece has a summer cold, a touch of bronchitis
She's never smoked a cigarette in her life.
People say to her, "That cough sounds horrible, have you
been to see a doctor?"
The same people say to me:
Go ahead, fire up another cigarette,
you sound horrible, all that smoke is gonna
kill you.
We sound exactly alike when we cough. She garners sincere concern
from others. She is given wishes for a speedy recovery and offered cough drops.
I am looked at with a hint of disgust, a huge helping of disappointment,
and blamed for catching this cold. I am offered advice, I don't want, I don't need,
and if I wanted to quit I'd try. The endless admonishments from people,
some complete strangers, is so totally unasked for, unneeded and undeniably
Oh yeah...the next time any one of the people that have put me down and blamed me for my
cough and cold, I will tell them to fire up one of their own...and stick it up their ass.