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The Trouble with Kids These Days...

Monday, August 29, 2005

According to the hubby is this, "they have too many choices." Well, let me explain the conversation to you so you can understand why this comment was made.

Me: "I need to go online and find out what Nicklaus' school is having for lunch tomorrow.

Huzzband: Why?

Me: The same reason I do all the time, I need to see what they are having so if it's something he doesn't like I can make him a lunch.

Huzzband: I don't understand that at all. We sent in a check for lunch, let him eat school lunch. When I was a kid I had to eat whatever they had. That's the trouble with kids these days, too many damn choices. I didn't have all these choices. I ate what was there or went hungry.

Me: Yes, well, not everyone was as lucky in childhood as you. (that's another long convoluted story, suffice to say, my huzzband'z childhood sucked.)

Huzzband: Say whatever you want, I turned out alright. It's sloppy joe's. He eats sloppy joe's here.

Me: Yes, but he says he doesn't like the ones at school. Damn, just forget about it, if I want to fix his lunch, what the hell does it matter to you??

Huzzband: (silence)

That was the conversation last night. The conversation this morning when he was on the way to work and I called him on his cell phone?


Huzzband: Speak

Me: Let me get this straight. The trouble with our nation's youth is the fact they have too many choices, correct?

Huzzband: Uh....yeah...

Me: So, I am to believe that your little spiel last night on how to help our son turn out to be a better adult by not fixing him a home lunch had nothing to do with the fact that you ate the whole damn pack of ham this weekend?

Huzzband: (laughter) What do you mean??(laughter)

Me: I mean you are a humongous dork. I ate the ham would have sufficed.

Huzzband: Yeah, I guess, but it wouldn't have been near as much fun.

So, Nick's having Sloppy Joe's or the salad bar. The salad bar means Nicklaus will eat 6-7 slices of cucumber with ranch dressing.....very filling.